SECRETMUSE, 'Lotte Duty Free' opened on September !

2019-09-16 18:00
SECRETMUSE, which has sold 39 billion and 2.8 million copies in just two years since its launch, has become a legend.
When it entered Lotte Duty Free, located in Jamsil, on September 1th, it reaffirmed that it is leading the trend of Korean Cosmetics.

SECRETMUSE, at Nature & Nature in March 2018, is the latest in a series of events to protect the mysterious and natural beauty of young urban women.
The brand was launched under the concept of a healthy secret.

Nature & Nature was established in 2011 and has not only the official import sales of Cosmetics brands abroad,
Through manufacturing and sales, the company is introducing products that are both sensuous and highly functional every time.

In particular, Nature & Nature started with Lotte Duty Free and started with live broadcast of Li Jachi, famous for Wanghong in China.
It is expected that it will be revitalized for K-beauty as it sells 100,000 enzyme cleansers.

Through the entry into the duty-free shop, Secret Muse has set up its own exclusive set of Lotte Duty Free stores to draw high attention from consumers.

Among them, the mask pack was sold out in just five days, gaining popularity among Chinese people.
Four types of aqua-boosting lines (Tonor, Serum, Lotion, Slipping Pack) that are exclusively released in duty-free shops, including Golden Wind Mask Pack and Iron Man Pack, have received attention.

Meanwhile, Secret Muse's promotion of Lotte Duty Free's entry into Lotte Duty Free will give all customers 38,000 won worth of sunglasses in stock until they run out.
In addition, we are offering extra essence for purchases over $50 and tints for purchases over $100.