Purplelian, a hair-relieving shampoo released by the scalp and hair care brand SPAMASTER, opened in August at the SSG Food Mark

2019-09-20 15:23

Purplelian was released in June, modeled after Bae Jung-nam, a hot model and actor.
It has received huge attention in a short period of time as it is called "Bae jeong-nam Shampoo" and "Shampoo of toothpaste" for its unique design and video of advertisements using Bae Jeong-nam.

The product contains not less than 95% of the natural origin ingredients and can be used safely as a pH pharmacovoltaic shampoo that has been completed up to the hypoallergenic test.
It is also a new concept of hair loss symptoms relief shampoo, which has been differentiated from existing hair loss symptoms shampoo by adding hair pack and dye-dye-drain protection.

Since its release, it has been recognized by consumers for its product power through many reviews and comments, and it has been receiving much love since recently as it was rumored to be in the mouth.

"We're very grateful for all the attention we've received from the unexpected," a Spamaster official said. "We're going to reach more consumers through this SSG food market.

The product can also be purchased at the SSG Food Market Cheong-dam Branch and SPAMASTER's Official Online Mall (